Back 2 Back by Ergon

Back 2 Back by Ergon

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Stocking Sizes: 
1"x1" Mosaic - 12"x12" Mesh-Mounted Sheet
1"x6" Stacked Mosaic - 12"x12" Mesh-Mounted Sheet
Front 12"x24" Rectified
Front 24"x24" Rectified
Front 24"x24" Lappato & Rectified

Special Order Sizes:
24"X48" Rectified
24"X48" Lappato & Rectified
12"x24" Rectified
24"x24" Rectified
24"X48" Rectified
Back & Front Blend: 
8"x48" Rectified
12"x24" Murals (Set of 2)
24"x24" Exchange Decor (Set of 6)
3"x24" Battiscopa (SBN)-Back Naturale
13"x24" Gradino (Stair Tread)-Front Naturale
13"x24" Gradino (Stair Tread)-Back Naturale
13"x24" Gradone (Step)-Front Natural
13"x24" Gradone (Step)-Front Lappato
13"x24" Gradone (Step)-Back Natural
13"x13" Angolare (Corner Tile)-Front Natural SX
13"x13" Angolare (Corner Tile)-Front Lappato SX
13"x13" Angolare (Corner Tile)-Front Natural DX
13"x13" Angolare (Corner Tile)-Front Lappato DX
13"x13" Angolare (Corner Tile)-Back
6"x24" Elemento A "L"-Back

Trims & Moldings: 
3"x24" Battiscopa (SBN) - Front Naturale
3"x24" Battiscopa (SBN) - Front Lappato

Thickness: 10.5 mm
Material: Ink Jet Printed Porcelain Tile
Finish: Matte & Lappato
Frost Proof: Frost Resistant
Shade Variation: V3
Origin: Italy